Immigration and Citizenship

Immigration and Citizenship

We recognize that setting up in a new country is a challenge and the procedures can be complicated and time-consuming.

Through our expertise and well-established network of local banks, property developers and real estate agents, we provide a pathfinder service to meet each client’s unique needs, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We offer a full service ranging from the opening of a bank account to the submission of your application, and other related issues that may arise.

Our Services
Our Firm deals with all matters relating to Immigration law such as:

  • citizenship applications
  • applications for immigration permits and family permits
  • Temporary (pink slip) and permanent residence permits (yellow slip)


We are at your disposal, to assist you with:

  • the completion of application forms,
  •  accompanying you to the Immigration Department/Migration Department,
  •  representing you throughout the whole procedure of applying, in the event that you are abroad, or unable to follow up the matter due to personal, business or other reasons.
  • Fast Process
  • Safe and Secure with one of the lowest crime rates in the EU
  • Attractive Tax Regime
  • High Quality Education and Healthcare system 
  • Low Cost of Living

The Yellow Slip is issued to European citizens (inc. their family members), while the Pink Slip is issued to third-country nationals.

Yellow slip holders enjoy full rights of stay, re-entry, work, engagement in business activities, etc.

The Yellow Slip MEU1 is issued immediately or within a maximum of 5 days.

The applicant needs to rent or buy an apartment/house and prove adequate income to cover the living expenses in Cyprus.

An individual can become a tax resident under either the “60-day rule” or the “183-day rule”.

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