LGBTQ Legal Rights

LGBTQ Legal Rights

At Andreas Georgiou Law Firm, we take great pride in protecting and promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals’ workplace rights and in serving LGBTQ communities in all areas of employment law.

As an LGBTQ-friendly firm, our lawyers understand that an employee’s LGBTQ identity – as self-identified or perceived by others – can affect all aspects of the employment relationship, often in subtle ways. Whether we are negotiating an employment contract, litigating or negotiating a discrimination claim, or simply giving employment-related advice, we are mindful of these experiences.

Our law firm is dedicated to fighting all forms of discrimination against LGBTQ employees.

Areas Of Acting:

• Civil Partnership papers
• Gender identity and gender expression discrimination
• Sexual orientation discrimination
• Retaliation for asserting protected LGBTQ rights
• Sex stereotyping
• Family, medical, and other leaves of absence
• HIV/AIDS status discrimination
• Executive compensation negotiations
• Partnership matters
• Class actions and impact litigation
• General employment-related problem-solving

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